What exactly does a personal trainer do?

I can help you with everything from losing fat and gaining muscle (hello, better fitting clothes), to achieving a pull-up goal to getting ready for a 5k run! There are many benefits of physical activity including improving your blood work results, lowering your stress to helping you avoid injury (win a battle with black ice!). Even if NONE of these are your goals you will enjoy improved mood, better sleep and boosted confidence. There are both measurable and unmeasurable benefits.

How do I know if I need a personal trainer?

If you’ve felt frustrated trying to achieve fitness or weight goals before OR you had results you couldn’t maintain, then yes, a personal trainer will give you the strategy and accountability you need to move towards your goals once and for all.

I’ve never really worked out before. Will I be wasting my time, by hiring a trainer?

If you are new to fitness, working with a personal trainer is actually the safest way to begin. You’ll get focused 1:1 coaching (unlike group classes) to ensure you learn the best exercises for you with proper movement technique. The other benefit of a trainer is that extra push that you need to get through without cutting it short, throwing in the towel or skipping the workout entirely.

I’ve already got a solid workout routine. Should I still work with a trainer?

That depends, are you still getting the results you desire? Are you showing up for yourself consistently? Are you having fun or are your workouts monotonous?

Do I need to invest in expensive workout clothes or equipment?

Nope! All you really need is comfortable clothing, a suitable pair of sneakers and a great attitude to get started.

I’m recovering from an injury. Can I still get something out of working with a trainer?

Injuries suck, I know. Your first priority is recovering from that injury as safely as possible. With clearance from your doctor and/or physical therapist, it may be possible to maintain a work-around fitness routine until you are fully recovered.

Do I have to eat a really restrictive or strange diet?

Heck NO! In fact, I’ll tell you exactly why I would NEVER support any restrictive or fad-diets. Because they don’t work long-term. The truth is your results are supported by your dietary choices, yes. I’m here to help you build a healthy relationship with food and your body. Rest assured, I will not sell you any diet, shake or food products.

How frequently should I see a trainer?

That all depends on your goals, experience level and the investment you are able to make. I would recommend 2-3x per week, though there is value in any commitment you can make to your health.

How quickly will I see the results of my training?

There is no such thing as a quick-fix that lasts long-term. With taking on a fitness journey, you are also committing to making improvements in all other lifestyle factors such as your diet, your sleep and your stress management to experience results.

What will happen during the sessions?

We focus on YOU for an uninterrupted hour including a warm-up and a workout designed to challenge you. You’ll be moving, sweating and leaving feeling great. Your training session is time invested in bettering yourself. For training sessions, please arrive on-time. You are welcome to arrive early and warm-up. Please bring bottled water.

Should I eat before my session?

In general, I would recommend a light snack 45-60 minutes before your session to give you enough energy to get the most out of your workout. Aim for something easily digestible with both carbohydrates and protein (example: Greek yogurt with berries, a piece of fruit + a handful of almonds) I would recommend staying away from “pre-workout” supplements and instead enjoy a cup of coffee or tea if you need a pick-me-up.

If I miss a session, what happens?

Consistency gets results but, I get it, life gets busy. You may reschedule your session within 24 hours. I expect a minimum of 12 hours of notice to cancel any booked session. Cancelling without enough notice or no-showing may results in 100% forfeit of the session fee. Working with a personal trainer is time committed to yourself. Treat these appointments as you would a doctors’ appointment.

Can I really afford a personal trainer?

Can you really afford not to start improving your overall health? Consider the costs of doctors’ visits, medications and injuries today and in the future. The good news is there are options! You can choose to train one-on-one in the gym OR if location or expense is the limiting factor, we can work together through my remote coaching program.

How do I get started?

Head on over to the Contact Page and send me a little info about yourself. You’ll be hearing from me soon!

What are your hours?

All consultations, training sessions and coaching calls are by appointment only. You can reach Liz via the Contact Page or email me at coachliz@dobodywork.com.

What forms of payment do you accept?

DoBodywork accepts payment via cash, check, Paypal and major credit cards via Square. A service fee will be applied to all payments made via credit card.